Volunteer Roster

I imagine this might be similar in thought to community intros, but its not the same. I’m not trying to make this an ego thing, or turn it competitive; its a rather crude way for me/us to say thank you.

The reason for this topic is multifaceted. I’d like to thank those that are coding, wiki-ing, debugging, and putting in the hours so that the rest of the (non-dev) users can have a better experience. Second, if you didn’t say hi in the community intro thread, we have no idea who you are. Third, if you have patreon, or paypal and aren’t embarrassed of shameless self promotion, please consider publishing that information here. I’m not wealthy enough to help you make your mortgage or car payment, but I’d like to throw some change your way (ice cream, coffee, happy meal, etc.) when I can, no promises (it’ll be after Christmas/NYs). Me personally. I’m not speaking for others, nor am I trying to obligate others to do so, no guilt trips nor is there any intent of creating controversy, you are after all volunteering.

I will begin by thanking:

J + K, of course, none of this would be possible without them, none of us would be here.
@algernon, for his work, too numerous, he’s done more than me.
@Jennigma, docs and wiki, your wiki got me flashing my firmware
@bjn, thanks for digital rain, I have two solid colors, then that effect.
@james.nvc, thanks for helping with my config
@noseglasses, it looks like you’ll be doing quite a bit, a lot of it is blah blah blah over my head, but thank you

thanks for the chase effect (@algernon and @jesse), but its too distracting, I end up being mesmerized by the M01 than using it to do work.

My list isn’t exhaustive, if I’ve missed you, then don’t take offense. If you’ve contributed, then thank you to you too.


country (unless you’re in witness protection)


Chase is all @jesse’s fault, I wash my hands! :stuck_out_tongue:

But since we’re on topic of thanking volunteers, I’d add a few people to that list of yours too:

@Simon-Claudius for his help on Chrysalis, along with @james.nvc.
@ToyKeeper for making mousekeys better, and for the WavePool effect
@merlin for his critique and feedback on all kinds of things, and for the Runic Linear A design.
@matt and @deilor for being open to using Kaleidoscope on their keyboards.

And everyone - and I really do mean everyone - who opened issues, submitted PRs, created plugins, wrote documentation, wiki pages, posted pictures on Twitter, wrote anything (good or bad) about the keyboard and its firmware. Seeing people use something I contributed to, and being happy with it, making it better, is a wonderful feeling. Thank you, all of you!