Volunteers wanted for documentation project

After talking with Jesse, I am looking for volunteers to help form the Keyboardio documentation project. I am hoping to find experienced or aspiring technical technical writers to write user-centered documentation, as well as editors and experts in different aspects of using Keyboardio products. The former mainstay of LibreOffice documentation has already expressed interest, but more contributors will be needed to make the project useful to both developers and end-users.

The project would have several goals:

  1. Identify all current documentation and move it to a single site, organizing
    it and editing for accuracy and clarity.

  2. Identify any gaps in the current documentation and fill it.

  3. Write new docs and update as needed.

Everything would carry a Creative Commons license.

Anybody interested?

My time is quite constrained right now (new baby at home) but I would very much like to help with this project!

Thanks! Is there any particular aspect of Keyboardio that you would care to specialize in? No problem if not, but knowing would help to organize the project.

Not in particular; I’ve contributed both code & documentation to Kaleidoscope in the past, so I’d say I’m comfortable jumping in wherever I can be useful.

I would help. Detail-oriented. Not super technical, data engineer familiar with Git.

For those who are interested, here is my proposed high-level outline for a user-guide:

Intro for New Purchasers

Learning to touch type

Ergonomic Features

Guided Tour

Adjusting Hardware

Settting Up to Customize

Using Chryrsalis

Using Arduino

Customizing Layouts / Layers

Other Simple Customizations

Macros and Programming


Hardware Repair

Online resources

Any additions?

Looks good to me. Thanks for spearheading this.

I have created a Github repository at


If you would like to help, create your own Github account, and I will send you an invitation to join the repository.

I like the idea of helping out. I am a reasonably proficient technical writer and like computers- and keyboards, but am not especially technically adept.


Is there any topic you would like to claim? Since you’ve been a tech-writer, maybe troubleshooting would interest you? It would involve collecting problems from the forum, selecting and rewriting them, perhaps talking to Jesse about support if he has time.

If not, what topic would you prefer?