Google Season of Docs: Welcome Jill!

A few months back, @algernon submitted Kaleidoscope as a candidate project for the Google Season Of Docs. If you’re familiar with Google Summer of Code, Season of Docs is a similar sort of endeavor, except that it doesn’t take place during the summer, is focused on documentation rather than code, and isn’t limited to student participants.

We got a number of great submissions, but only had a single slot for a tech writer. We’re very lucky to have Jill Osborne as our Season of Docs tech writer. (Jill’s LinkedIn is here:

In her first pull request,, Jill started cleaning up the Plugin API docs and improving the voice of the docs a bit.

Jill’s going to be working part-time on Kaleidoscope over the next few months. She’ll be focusing, I believe, on code-related documentation, though her exact mandate will evolve throughout the project.

We know we’ve got a lot of work to do on documentation and we’re thrilled that Jill’s going to be helping out over the next couple months. If you have specific things you’d like to see improved in the docs, this thread is probably a great place to discuss them.

Please join me in welcoming Jill!



Welcome @techwriterjill! I know I appreciate good docs, and my friend who just received his Model 01 and plans to modify the firmware will too, I imagine.

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This is exciting news. Good documentation is so important. I’m convinced some of the biggest OSS libraries I use got so big because of the high quality of their documentation.


This is awesome! For myself, I know how to program, but c++ is a bit foreign, so I’m cobling things together based on docs and examples. I love the power of programming my keyboard in a real programming language, and docs are really important to enable that. Welcome Jill!

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