Wanted: Model 01 Quiet Click NZ

I live in New Zealand but will consider buying from elsewhere. Just let me know your price and where you are and I’ll look into it.

Hey man, if you’re still looking, I have a quiet click here that you may be interested in. I say may because the reason I’m not currently using it is there’s a broken trace on one circuitboard. Should be an easy fix, but it happened while I was replacing a couple of bad keyswitches, and at that point I just put it in the too-hard basket and stuck it on a shelf. Then I got an Atreus so I had even less motivation to fix it.

I’m in Te Awamutu. Whereabouts are you? I’m happy to do you a deal given the fact you’ll need to give it a bit of DIY love.

FYI I just put up a quiet click for sale. Happy to discuss shipping charges to NZ to try to find the most cost effective option. Model 01 Keyboard For Sale - Like New - $280 Shipping Included