Water damage on model01

I spilled water on my right half on my model01 a couple days ago. I unplugged it overnight, but morning after I realized there was plenty water inside the enclosure and took it apart fully to dry & cleaned it up with a toothbrush.
But a few days later it’s still not fully back:
keys in row 2 & 3, and shift, alt, fn are not working.
LED’s in columns 14&15 are not working. (I don’t care much for that)

So I’m guessing there’s some line(s) that are shorted or broken. I’m fine with basic soldering if that’s necessary, and got a crappy multimetre.

Hope somebody can help diagnose further!

email Support. They sometimes take sometime to get back to you, but in my experience are very willing to help you with the details you would need to try to troubleshoot and repair. They respond faster to email then posts on this board.