I spilled on my Model01, now what?!

This definitely falls under the ‘help’ category! This morning I spilled a few tbsp of water on my precious keyboard! I immediately unplugged it, pulled up the keys, dried it all, and am giving the board the day off to air dry - do I need to take it all apart? I’d welcome advice!

Update: I took it apart after all. Moisture had nestled into the wood. and under the pcb! Glad I completely disassembled. After taking the caps off I let it dry thinking that trapped moisture may exit that way, but afterward I saw that drops that had made it to the base layer then may have flipped and rest on the pcb. Tough call? Maybe it doesn’t matter if it’s dried fairly quickly.

I wanted to share since I didn’t see any other posts on spills. Hopefully this never happens to anyone else. I’ll plug it in again some time in a couple days

It’s probably going to be ok. You did the right thing by opening it up to dry. Let it rest a day and see how things are. After that, we can talk about more advanced triage.

Sunday Status: Beauty! Spilled on Thursday morning, tested again for the first time Sunday - every key working perfectly. Phew!

Tuesday Status: Uh oh, the backspace key stopped working. The light’s on, no one is home. http://keycode.info registers nothing… after 10 minutes awol it starts working again!?

Me too.


All the keys work fine, but all the lights on the left side except the pgup and pgdn keys have gone out. It’s been over a week, tried taking it apart and drying it for a few days when it first happened but no effect on the lights. It still works fine as a keyboard and I can live with half the beautiful lights, but thought I’d check if there was possibly a simple fix.

Because of how the LEDs are done on the Model 01, it’s -probably- the first failed LED that’s gone bad. Unfortunately, a repair is a fairly involved thing :frowning: