What does your RSI-helping setup look like?


(Walter Schultz) #21

Thank you all for your suggestions. After a month or so on a normal keyboard, my hands are feeling much better, so I’m going to try my Keyboardio again.

I’m going to start really simple. I’ve constructed a cardboard stand for my laptop, so that I can place my Keyboardio halves closer together.
It will also let me push my Keyboardio further back, which I think was the big problem with my last setup.

(John T. Johnson) #22

Extra points for the Pilot G-2!

(Walter Schultz) #23

Best pen I’ve ever used.

(Michael Sloan) #24

If you are seeking more flexibility in position with the arkon mounts, I have found that these arkon extensions work perfectly, and cost $15 each: https://www.arkon.com/product/SPHDEXT-pro-stand-extension-live-streaming.html

A better tented stand
(Imre Kószó) #25

That looks very nice. Is it stable enough to support the weight of your hands without losing alignment?

(Michael Sloan) #26

Yes, it’s pretty stable! The keyboard tray / sit stand desk it’s attached to actually introduces more flex than the mounts. If I hold the keyboard tray steady with one hand, put my palm on one keyboard.io side, and relax my arm so that much of the weight is pushing the palm, it only moves the back of the keyboard down a couple centimeters.

When typing, I don’t put much weight at all on the keyboard - in the position pictured I’m typically hovering my palms. I find that it’s stable enough for me to type!

(Imre Kószó) #27

Thank you, I might give these a go. Just need to figure out how to also get a surface next to them where I put my mouse.