Which Kaleidoscope Init Plugins are mandatory to have a working keyboardio model 01


I’m now short in term of program memory program when I’m flashing (my personnal https://github.com/alexandrenavarro/Model01-Firmware) and I want to add more methods notably to simulate some vi commands through leader vi plugin.

I want to know which plugins are absolutely necessary to have a working keyboardio model 01.

I tried to remove some and yesterday, I really thought I bricked my keyboardio just by removing Led Off plugin (fortunetally no, only reflashable by maintining prog key just after plug it).

My current minimal plugin I know it works

Which are absolutely necessary to have a working keyboard (not just after compiling, after flashing) notably all Focus* seems to take a lot of size ?

I used some plugin in addition I really need.

ActiveModColorEffect, (need LEDControl I suppose) but I can remove because it is not absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance,

No plugins should be mandatory for a working keyboard, as far as by working, you mean to function like a traditional keyboard without any of the extras the plugins bring. You may need to turn LEDs off manually to make sure they’re off, but that’s about it. No plugin is strictly necessary.

If you want to use Chrysalis, then you need Focus, EEPROMSettings and EEPROMKeymap at least. For most LED stuff, you need LEDControl. If you don’t want to use Chrysalis, and you’re OK with using the built-in keymap only, then you can drop Focus*, EEPROMSettings and EEPROMKeymap too.

I’m curious what kind of issue you saw with removing LEDOff only… it’s a very, very simple plugin that should not cause any issue when removed. Did the keyboard fail to come up? Or did it misbehave in some way?

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Thank you for your answer. It was what I thought (except maybe some stuffs on eeprom) but my bad experience yesterday by flashing without LEDOff leads me to ask.

So for information, yesterday, I think I just removed first on my first keyboard USBQuirk/LEDOff to decrease program size.
Just after my keyboardio was not anymore useable but also it was not anymore recognized by the os (first time it occurs to me after a flash). I can not flash it with another keyboard by type prog key and enter on the other keyboard.
I had an error like can’t find xxx/usb/select-by-id (I don’t have the exact error) when I tried to flash.
Just after, I say ok I will just remove LEDOff not USBQuirk because I thought it was just for led off at startup and same result on my second keyboard.
After panicking a little bit during 1-2 hours, I succeeded to reflash my 2 keyboardio by holding prog just after plugging the keyboard and reflashed at the same moment with another keyboard.

So it was the reason I asked in order not to panic again.
As I don’t use at all Chrysalis (I tried once but I prefer to have my fork with what because I have a lot of macros, use qukeys, leader, oneshot), I will try to remove Focus (it took around 12% of program size) if it works.