Help me learn how to get started with plugins

I’m another non-programmer with questions.

Just received my Keyboardio, getting my hands acclimated. No problem reassigning keys with Chrysalis. But, a couple of questions.

First question: I need a caps lock key. Actually, I’d like to replace the numlock with caps lock. I doesn’t seem that I can do this with Chrysalis, but I noticed that there is a plugin - Kaleidoscope-CapsLock - that will give me a caps lock key, and it looks like it can be modified to use the numlock key, but I haven’t the slightest idea how to implement this (or any other) plugin. Can someone point me in the right direction to get me started learning how to use plugins?

Second question: I’ve easily accessed the layout editor in Chrysalis, but I cannot find the colormap editor. I must be missing something obvious. After launching Chrysalis, I connect Keyboardio, the window is captioned “Layout & Colormap Editor” (all caps by the way) but I don’t see anything like a colormap editor. What am I missing?

Hi! As the author of that plugin I’m here to tell you that you don’t need it just to get a Caps Lock key. If you only want the key to exist and don’t also want the color effect, just use Chrysalis to put CapsLock in whatever position you find memorable and appropriately easy (or hard) to type. If you do want the color effects then you’ll need to install the Arduino IDE following the directions in the Kaleidoscope project. I’ve only ever done things the Arduino IDE way though, so I can’t actually provide any help with changing layouts in Chrysalis.

Hi thank you. I haven’t seen anything in Chrysalis that will give me a CapsLock key, but if perhaps someone will provide further information. Ultimately I do want the color effects so I will have to apply myself and learn what is needed.

I’m completely ignorant, I don’t even understand the relevant nomenclature, consequently this keyboard is also a learning project. Dating myself, my last encounter with programming (other than simple database formulas) was as a kid, and it was a punched paper tape using some version of Basic.

I’ll put a further note in the public thread to indicate the depths (or shallows) of my ignorance.

Apologies for the late reply, you may have already found it, but Caps lock is under “Punctuation” in Chrysalis. In hindsight, that’s probably not the right place for it.

For the colormap editor you need to flash your firmware in Chrysalis to the experimental version. This will enable the color map editor.

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Thank you, I did find it last night and yes, punctuation is a little counterintuitive. I expected it would be in the modifier key menu.

Thanks, that worked. Is there an online resource to learn about using the colormap editor?