Chrysalis and Plugins

Does Chrysalis have any issues with plugins or as long as they are installed they are usable? I have Qukeys, DualUse and CapsLock running and wondering if Chrysalis is able to handle plugins.

An aside: You probably don’t want both Qukeys & DualUse running, since Qukeys handles the DualUse declarations in the keymap.

Good to know. Thanks!!

Chrysalis will be okay with having plugins running, it just won’t recognize some of them, so they’ll appear on your keymap as ???, but it will just leave them alone (i.e. you can still change other keys on the keymap and those plugin keys will still function the same).
I think I may have taught it to understand DualUse, and it will let you set OneShot keys, but the CapsLock & QuKeys keys will probably not be understood (as they did not exist when the code was written :stuck_out_tongue:).

If Chrysalis understands DualUse keys, it’s halfway to understanding Qukeys. But any non-DualUse Qukeys will show up in Chrysalis as whatever the primary keycode is, not ???, so that could be misleading. And you could still use Chrysalis to change the primary keycode, but the alternate keycode (and the definition of a key as a Qukey) is completely invisible and immutable to Chrysalis.