While learning my new keyboard, need a workaround

Received my KB yesterday, and it’s beautiful.
Here’s my issue:
I’ve used Karabiner to remap the CapsLock key on my usual Apple wireless KBs to F18. Then I use Keyboard Maestro to open NotePlan, Ulysses, Bear, depending on which modifier key I use (CapsLock=NotePlan, Ctrl+CapsLock=Bear, etc.).
So while I’m retraining my fingers, I’d like to have this functionality on the M01. The butterfly or Any key seem to be good candidates.
Is there a low overhead way to set something up to gain this functionality while I’m coming up to speed? Doesn’t have to be the butterfly or Any key, could be some chord setup.

You can change the factory firmware, and replace the Any or butterfly keys with Key_F18, recompile, flash, and that would work, as far as I understand. Depending on how low you consider the overhead of recompiling, this might be a solution for you.

If you aren’t comfortable with that, let me know, and I can prepare a compile file which you only need to flash.

Downloaded the code. I’m impressed. You all have done a great job of documenting the code and functionality. Looking forward to getting into this!