A more stable angled center bar

(Philip Trauring) #1

Does anyone else feel that the angled center bar needs to reach to the surface of the desk to offer more stability? I find it a bit disconcerting that the center of the keyboard flexes when pressure is applied. I know the user guide says that you need to use the stands when using the angled center bar, but wouldn’t a moulded plastic piece that reached the desk be much simpler, and not require one to raise the keyboard up on the stands? I guess I’m suggesting this as an accessory for those who want it.

(kajsa.anderson) #3

There’s a thread here where someone rolled their own to do what you’re suggesting by attaching a solid block to the bottom of the bar - iirc, the magic number is 2 cm.

(@TheBaronHimself) #4

Sorry. I misread your post initially. Deleted my post as it was redundant.

(Jesse) #5

One of the use cases we wanted to support was…how I tend to use the Model 01: in my lap.

An earlier version of the angled center bar had flip-out feet. It just wasn’t…very good.

Another way to get what you want would be a bent-metal stand that screws into both of the tripod mounts.

(Thomas Mansencal) #6

@trauring: Did u figure out how to achieve that?

Related: You mentioned that the stands are needed to use the central bar, how do you proceed? Quick inspection shows that opposite feet touch each other.



(Michael Richters) #7

It seems like they would, but they don’t. I think this is the cleverest bit of design found in the box. The two octopods are identical, but a straight line from the highest point to the lowest lines up halfway between one of the feet and the “valley” between the feet, so whenever the two stands are in a position where the right half of the top surface is a mirror image of the left half top surface, the feet on one stand line up with the “valleys” on the other. Because @jesse is brilliant.

(Thomas Mansencal) #8

Thanks @merlin, I just plugged them and it works :slight_smile: