Model 100 : How to use the angled centered bar (with stands)?

How does one use the angled centered bar on the Model 100 ? Has anyone succeeded in this and can you post images ? I tried using it with stands, but the stand feet does not all sit flat on the desk ? they kinda see saw around.

I think you might want to loosen the thumbscrews on the stands, rotate them until their inclines match those of the tenting bar, and then tighten them back down.

Edit: I think you need to align the stands so the “Max” arrows are pointing at each other. The feet will interdigitate in two ways with the “Max” arrows pointing near each other, but only one will allow them to align exactly.

I’ll give it a shot again. Didn’t quite work on the first day I tried it. would be nice to see if somebody was able to make it work.

If you’re still having trouble, I can try to recreate that configuration and take some photos.

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Oh, if it’s not too much trouble, that would be very nice of you. With the angled center bar still on, a photograph of the bottom view of the stands showing the max arrows would be perfect.

This shows the angled center bar installed, with the octo-stands attached. The “max” arrows are circled in yellow, and need to point directly anti-parallel. This makes them sit at the correct angles to make a stable base for a flat table top.


I’m finding that the keyboard is most comfortable to me using the tenting bar without the stands, as the stands raise the height of the keyboard by an inch or so. Hopefully the tenting bar can handle the weight of the keyboard.

Thanks a lot again for taking the time to do this. I’ll try it later today and report back. :beers:

Given the bar is made up of plastic, I’d probably not rely on this even if it works for now. You’ll most likely stress out the connection points over the long term.

Thanks again ! I can confirm that this setting works the best.

@admins Perhaps it would be a good idea to have a screenshot/image/illustration of this setting in the Model 100 documentation page. The image would be much more helpful compared to trying out various settings.

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I would guess that this should not be a problem. But somewhere Jesse posted that the wood should be supported, because it will bow possibly over time.

I just got my model 100 and I’m jazzed… but are there video howtos anywhere? I had my raise and moonlander up in no time, but I’m on a research project just figuring out what the pieces of plastic do and how they connect under the spider legs.

To my knowledge this is what they have The Keyboardio Model 100

See the section using the center bars