A palm key modification

I use the palm keys like thumb keys; I curl my thumb down to press them. My hand may too big, or maybe I just don’t “get it.”

Th Keyboardio has always reminded me of a musical instrument, particularly a guitar. I’ve been thinking that I might be able to attach levers that would extend away from the thumb keys, past where the palm keys are now, that would push the palm keys. They might look like whammy bars on an electric guitar. If placed correctly, they would be palm keys for my big hands.

Hmm, ‘palm keys’. I have, for a man, small hands. With my thumbs resting on the bksp key on the left and the space key on the right, the so-called palm keys are under the bottoms of my thumbs, ‘bottom’ meaning close to the hand. When I want to press one, it’s more of a wrist roll for me than anything else. Or maybe a combination of wrist roll and thumb down, and I’m hitting in with the lower part of my thumb.

Hope this helps.



I have similar problems. I have very big hands (size 12-13) and I do not use the palm keys at all because it is unergonomic. That’s very unfortunate because they would be very helpful.