A possible fix for wobbly stands

(Alan Clucas) #21

A quick loosen all around worked for me.


I am also having this issue, was going to email but will try the fix.

(Matt) #23

I wanted to add in that I have this same issue with mine. Both of my stands are wobbly and don’t sit quite flat.
My board was delivered Feb 28th.

I’ll probably give the screw thing a try and see if that helps.


very slight loosening of the central screw solved my issue

(Joel) #25

I’m the guy that took the photo shown in the newsletter - loosening the screws worked for me! :slight_smile:

(@TheBaronHimself) #26

Quick report: Loosening the screws worked very well for one and somewhat well for the one of my stands that presented this issue.

(Manni) #27

I can confirm that loosening some screws helped a big deal. On the other hand, I think I have one stand where one screw was so tight that the threading was completely broken. I noticed this after trying to loosen the screw which had no effect and, taking a closer look, I saw that the two halves of the stand/foot where actually coming apart. Trying to tighten the screw had no effect and I could keep turning and turning that screw driver without any resistance.

(Jesse) #28

@mannih - Drop email to help@keyboard.io so we can get you sorted out.