Tightening screws in stand

(Andreas Jacobsen) #1

Hello! I’m using my model 01 with the included stand, I think I’m using it right, having both keyboard tilted upward with the stand. But I’m having trouble with keeping the screws tightened, due the the movement of my hands the screws get loose and the keyboard rotates when I move my hand. I`ve tried tightening with a wrench, not as hard as I could but pretty hard. Still they always go up. Any one else have this issue, and hopefully a potential solution?

(Kris Kumler) #2

I’ve had mine loosen a little bit (I might tighten the screws when I move spots, every other day or so).
I wonder if a spring or lock washer could work well for there. A split ring washer would probably not be the choice.
Maybe a spring/cup washer, or a toothed/star lock washer (may tear up the bottom of the stand, if you care about that)?

(Andreas Jacobsen) #3

I put some Ikea rubber washers that I had laying around under, they really helped! Now the stand remains tightened

(Jouni Seppanen) #4

I haven’t tried it on the Model 01 screws, but I imagine threadlocker would help keep them in place.

(Andreas Jacobsen) #5

Thanks, I’ll try to get some of they get loose again when using the rubber washers :slight_smile: