Trouble using stands due to poorly machined (or unmachined) screw threads in baseplate tripod mount

I got my Model 01 today (woo!) but in trying different desk configurations, I found that the threads in the threaded insert on the bottom of the left half are fouled up. Both thumb screws turn freely into the right half but you can only get about two turns into the other before you meet significant resistance; as if it were cross-threaded. It also feels gritty, so I poked a pipe cleaner in there to brush out the threads. That cleaned out some dust and filings but didn’t otherwise improve the thread situation much. I’m guessing the threaded insert is just out of tolerance.

Anyway, the end result is that the thumbscrew on that side tightens up before it secures the stand, so the stand is allowed to rotate. So I can’t use a configuration with the stands. It’s not a huge deal because I’m trying a configuration without the stands first, but would it be possible to get a replacement of the left-side backing plate?

Hiya @jpk,

I’m so sorry!

So far, we’ve had two reports of this issue (Including yours) and one report of an insert with no threads cut into it. We’ve raised the issue with the factory to add to the QC checklist for future orders.

Please drop us email at and we can get you a replacement baseplate.


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Hi! Welcome.

Sorry to hear about your stand issues.

I’ll leave the question of parts to Jesse, but will mention that the 1/4-20 screw is one of the most common thread sizes, at least in the US. Any machine shop, hardware store, and many maker spaces will have a tap that could re-thread your nut. I have one in my toolkit, but unless you’re in Seattle that probably won’t help much. :slight_smile: I think it cost me about $3 and takes about 30 seconds to use.

I see Jesse caught this before me and is of course making it right. Going ahead and posting my reply so you know that if you want to fix it before your part arrives, you should be able to do it with a simple, common tool.



At least until I hear back from the factory, it’d be better not to mod this. I may need the parts to use as props when getting the factory to have their QC better check things.

Roger that, email sent. I’d be happy to send the wonky baseplate back to y’all if it would help showing it to the factory.

I think I may be the other reporter that jesse mentioned, although I’m mostly convinced it was a bad bolt rather than a bad nut. In any case, even though I found resistance it improved with subsequent attempts and is now usable.

@jesse: if you need me to send back the bad bolt as evidence, just say so.

@andrewg - Nope! :wink:

I’ve got one more known undermilled baseplate nut and one unmilled baseplate nut. Your bolt is a separate issue (and the pictures were good enough on that one)

In my case both bolts turn into the opposite baseplate just fine, so it’s just the one inset nut that has janky threads.