Anyone in EU willing to replace stuck Model 01 switches?

Hi! I have a Model 01 with a few very sticky switches that alcohol can’t fix, and at least one dead switch.
I am not comfortable enough with soldering to be willing to replace them myself, but I have recently received a Model 100 and can therefore part with the Model 01 for some time :wink:

I’m in Austria and have family in Germany. I someone near me would be willing to replace the switches for me, I’ll gladly pay shipping, material costs and an appreciation fee on top :slight_smile:

Before doing something that drastic, did you try opening up the switches and cleaning them that way?

No, I didn’t know you could open a switch without de-soldering it! From that video it sounds like it would not be enough for my switches that don’t trigger at all, but I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Do give it a try. ALPS/Matias switches are very prone to getting dirty, but also fairly easy to clean. I’m pretty sure unless you had some serious incident, just cleaning them will suffice.

@clawoflight do report how it went, so others know if it fixes their problem too; or we know to help you otherwise.

It didn’t go that well :')
One contact seemed to already have broken off when I opened the switch, and the contact on the other misbehaving switch looked too lose - and then promptly broke off when I reassembled it.
I can’t tell how much of that is due to my poor dexterity, or if the switches were just broken already.
Note that I didn’t dare to open a good switch, so I don’t really have a comparison.

Anyway, now I have 2 known-broken switches instead of a misbehaving one and a probably dead one.

Oh noooo! Sorry to hear that!

Although I do wonder how you managed to break a contact by simply opening the switch.

In any case, I hope you get it fixed soon. If no-one steps up here, I suggest you try to find a hackerspace nearby. If you’re in/near Vienna, Metalab could be a great option.