Mainland EU - group buy switches?

Hi all,

This is not a regular ‘for sale’ post per se. One of the switches of my trustworthy Model 01 has given up the ghost.

For the time being, this is my e-switch:

The workaround works, but is less than perfect for the long term. I am not aware of mainland EU shops selling switches, and the geographically nearest source is the UK. Post-Brexit that is somewhat of a no-go: the switch itself is less than 1 euro, but shipping (12,50 + some 20% VAT) and payment (bank rate is not clear on payments outside of EU, reserve 5 euro) add up. The local post organisation asks 11 euro for duty service.

In total that’s over 30 euro for a single switch.

I wouldn’t order a single switch. Hearsay has it that ‘not all’ switches live up to the advertised 50M actuations.

While the markup of 30 euro is less per unit when ordering 10 switches, it still
is quite a lot.

Would anyone be interested in a mainland EU-based group buy, to see if we can lower those expenses? I imagine some kind of forwarding-box and have it snake through the EU; a star scheme would be more efficient, but shipping within a country is usually much cheaper than international.

Looking forward to your replies and suggestions!

Hello ! What switch type iis it ? I have a box of Mathias Quiet click here and I can send you one. Im in France.

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Mine’s a quiet click as well!

To be honest, I’d settle for anything matching the mechanical properties at the moment :wink:

I’m in the Netherlands, I’ll PM you to exchange details.

I also have some spare switches, but they are the clicky variety.

Thanks for chiming in!

I’ll contact both of you to gauge whether you’ll end up short on switches yourselves :wink:

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Sounds like you’re all set. If not, I have a hand full of switches lying around, too.

Hi I m also looking for a few switches , one of my model 01 is broke. and have the same Import tax issue. feel free to PM me if you have some. kind regards

Hi all,

Thank you all for your responses and offers!

Alex helped me out, and I’m now typing with reborn E`s (or whichever letter people have under their 𐘇-button) :slight_smile:

One last point remains: the next person in Europe with a broken switch will face the same problem. I don’t have very close contacts with makerspaces or parts-shops, but in case I find an acquaintance in that field I’ll throw up a coin about stocking some switches.