Atreus missing keystrokes on Mac login after restart

When I restart my iMac Pro and try to type my password with my Atreus, it misses about 4 out of every 5 keystrokes. I have to use my Mac keyboard to login. After that the Atreus works fine, and if I lock my screen the next login works fine too. This only happens when typing my password and only after a restart. Anyone else experiencing this and/or have any ideas?

Until FileVault gets the password to decrypt data from the drive, it can only understand Boot protocol, not NKRO. Unfortunately, most operating systems are terrible about complying with the standards for selecting keyboard HID protocols, so you’d need a way to toggle between them manually. I don’t recall whether the default firmware for the Atreus has a key combo configured for this. I’m pretty sure the Model01 does.

How would one go about finding this out? This is a real dealbreaker!

On a slightly older version of the firmware my Model 01 auto-switched to the right mode on startup and worked fine. That seems to have been broken in the past release of the Chrysalis firmware or two (which is now the default for Atreus I believe?)