Atreus in BIOS and GRUB


I have a Librem Mini using plain coreboot with SeaBIOS as boot loader. On it my Atreus is unrecognized during both the BIOS and GRUB phases of my startup process.

On Github I found issue #983 Kickstarter Keyboardio Atreus can control neither EFI boot menus nor GRUB – different setup, same issue – but that has no solution.

Here on these forums I only found a tip to hold Left Fn + Esc + Shift to put [other model] into boot mode – doesn’t apply to the Atreus. And searching “atreus boot mode” didn’t return anything.

How do we put the Atreus into boot/6KRO mode?

Maybe starting from this answer ?

Or building a firmware with the boot protocol enabled by default :

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