Basic manual for firmware hacking

Would there be any point in producing a basic manual for hacking the firmware? Or is the graphic interface close enough to being ready to make the effort unnecessary?

By “basic,” I mean covering such details as editing the keybindings, creating layers, and where plugins should be stored – not a complete manual for programming.

If there’s a need, I am seriously considering doing one.

Even if the GUI would be close enough, I’d say there’d still be a need. There are things you will never be able to do with the GUI, so a basic guide to firmware hacking would be useful nevertheless.

@bbyfield That’s something that would definitely be a huge boon to Kaleidoscope. It’s been our intent that that documentation would live as part of

Some bits of what you mention are already there, but we know we still have a long way to go.

I’m pretty busy right now, but I figure that writing will force me to learn more systematically – and sooner.

Some of what’s on the wiki looks very thorough to me.

I set out to do some of that documentation work last fall. I wasn’t comfortable writing anything up until I understood the code fully. Then I accidentally started writing code instead…


That’s the danger of documentation. If you want to do a decent job, it requires you to learn what you’re writing about.

Too many technical writers don’t bother – which is one reason why there is so much poor documentation about.

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