First hacking for new users

I’m putting together a short article about simple customizations that new users can do to ease into modifying their firmware. The idea is to start with the simplest task, then move to progressively harder or more complex ones.

Ideas so far:

a. change a keybinding
b. add a simple key combination like Ctrl+C.
c. create a new layer.
d. modify a macro for backlights (maybe change colors?)
e. install a 3rd party macro (decide which one)
f. install a 3rd party plugin (decide which one)

Any suggestions for other tasks, or which macros or plugins to work with? I admit that I’m still learning myself, so any suggestions are welcome.


A slightly more advanced topic might be updating the firmware, perhaps?


I think those sound lovely. I think a good starting point would be to show how to remap the Butterfly and Any keys, or perhaps adding something to the Prog key (like Esc).

For adding macros, I think the LED on/off thread has some pretty good examples of some more advanced macros, but showing how to do a multi-character combination is very useful and may be easier for non-programmers.

For plugins, OneShot and DualUse seem to be popular, but I am pretty partial to SpaceCadet, myself!

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