Berlin Meetup for Test Session

Hi there,

is there anyone being a lucky owner of a Model01 residing in Berlin who would be happy to meet up for a little test session? I would like to try out the keyboard before placing an order for two for several hundred dollars + shopping to Germany.

Alternatively, if there a couple of other curious people in Berlin, we could split costs for ordering one which we can all test before deciding to place a collective order to save shipping costs (one shipment to Germany is currently priced with 55 USD).


Do you have Twitter? @andreasdotorg has one ordered as far as I know.

I’ve got one that’s commuting between Hamburg and Berlin. Probably won’t be back in Berlin until the Christmas break if you’re around. I’d be delighted to meet up.

Hi Clemens,

yes, I am here until Christmas, so maybe we can meetup on the weekend. I can’t find the Option to sendyou a PM in the mobile web Version if this forum. Can you send me one?

Cheers, Sarah