Model 01 quiet click for sale, Switzerland

Keyboardio Model 01 quiet click for sale, in original packaging, with all accessories. Location: Switzerland, Shipping to EU or worldwide.

Hi. I’m interested in this. How much, including shipping to the UK?


thank you for your message.

The shipping cost for you UK are 32 Euros, so we could say 230 Euros?

Kind regards,


Vom tragbaren Funkfernsprecher geschickt

Sounds good. Wanna DM me to seal the deal?

What is „DM“? :slight_smile:

Vom tragbaren Funkfernsprecher geschickt

Sorry, “direct message” :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, wurde die Tastatur verkauft?
Ich hätte Interesse und wohne auch in der Schweiz.

Out of curiosity. How do you do this kind of transaction? Is the buyer paying in advance? On receiving the package?

I’m thinking in getting a second model 01 but I don’t want to be scammed

For what it’s worth my experience on this forum so far all has worked via trust and I’ve never been anything but happy with the interactions.

Your mileage may vary

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Still available? I will go to Switzerland next weeks and I would be interested.

I guess not available anymore? I live in Switzerland and would like to buy.