Cmd+Shift+5 in a custom layer not working with Chrysalis

Does anyone have similar issues with mapping keys to Cmd+Shift+5 and Cmd+Shift+3 combinations?
Cmd+Shift+4 work, but Cmd+Shift+5 and Cmd+Shift+3 don’t.

Depends of a lot of things…

  • Chrysalis version (0.8.2 has problem with some codes) → try the brand new 0.8.3
  • Your OS and Window Manager (Gnu/Linux with i3-wm and MS Windows don’t work the same on num row, from what I see).
  • Your OS Layout (if you use things like Azerty variants, the result of shifted keys should make numbers, but with some modifiers, they do accentuated uppercase letters like ÉÈÇÀ)

I use Cmd+Shift+Number every times to change my workspace, and it works:tm:

I’m on 0.8.3, macOS 11.2.3, QWERTY, didn’t change much the default Atreus one, just added new layer, hooked it up to secondary action (hold) on A key.
Mapped Cmd-Shift-4 successfully, but Cmd-Shift-5 and Cmd-Shift-3 are just ignored.

This is the custom layer:

Ctrl-Cmd-Shift-4 work properly (Cmd-Shift-4 too), but Cmd-Shift-5 doesn’t work.

If you have Karabiner installed on your Mac, you can run Karabiner-EventViewer and see what, if anything, gets transmitted to the host when you press those keys. If I have time later, I’ll try this out myself, and let you know what I find.

I can’t reproduce this, but I’m on a Gnu/Linux box, so it may be specific to Mac.

Tested with Chrysalis-0.8.3-AppImage and a build from master.

Using a Kaleidoscope sketch, without Chrysalis involved, I can confirm that keymap entries defined as LGUI(LSHIFT(Key_3)) and LGUI(LSHIFT(Key_5)) work properly on an Atreus connected to a MacBook running Big Sur. (The screenshot tools all work fine).

I also installed Chrysalis (v0.8.3) and tried that out, and those keys also work from there. Are you sure you haven’t disabled those shortcuts in your system preferences, or via other software, such as Karabiner-Elements?

Thanks for checking it.
It’s weird, when i hit Shift-Cmd-5 keys, it works. But if i map a key in the custom layer to Shift-Cmd-5, nothing happens when i hit that key.
Exactly the same flow but with Shift-Cmd-4 just works.
I will install Karabiner and check the event log.
Thanks again.