Comparing the soft and clicky keys

I recorded a brief video demonstrating the relative audible difference between the two styles of key switch. I was really surprised at how loud the clicky keys were compared to the soft ones, and even compared to Cherry Blues it’s quite noisy. (I didn’t think to record one of my Cherry Blue keyboards as part of this comparison video though; maybe at some point I can be convinced to do so.)


Also while I was at it I wrote a review. Obviously most people on this forum don’t need one but this might be helpful for others trying to decide on this keyboard.


The last time we tested, the loud switches were…loud, compared to a Model M we had handy.


Oh boy. This sounds seriously awesome. Not because I like loud keyboards (I don’t), but because our twins do. This might be just the right reason to convince my wife that we need a loud Model 01 too. :wink:


I thought you have twins? Is there a left hand and a right hand twin? If not you rather might want to get two loud M01 :wink:

I do, but they can’t type yet, just enjoy the sounds I make when typing. :slight_smile:

Once they are old enough to use a computer, I’ll build a keyboard with them, for their own use. Will try to convince them at that point that quiet is better :stuck_out_tongue:


After receiving my Quiet click model, I’m very glad I ordered it instead of the Loud model I’d originally wanted. Turns out the noise level and actuation force needed for the Quiet click keys is higher than I expected, and is about just right for me in a keyboard. Given the Loud is supposed to be noisier and harder than the Quiet… Yeah, I think this is as loud as I want to go LOL.

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Was that a quiet click Model M, or one with buckling springs?

It was an SSK. And it was plenty loud :slight_smile:

We have, I believe, a better resonating cavity.

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I forget if the SSK models all had buckling springs. My “quiet click” Model M’s are pretty loud, but nothing like the buckling-spring one that I like best.

I recorded a more thorough video showing the two Model 01 switch types compared with a bunch of other keyboards in my possession.

I have way too many keyboards, incidentally. (And this wasn’t even all of them!)