How can I tell if I got a clicky vs quiet keyboard?

I realize that this is an odd question, but … I ordered two Model 1’s … one with noisy/clicky keys and the other quiet/silent model. I assumed that my first keyboard that arrived was the noisy one, for it is too loud for me to take to the office. I got my second one today, and it is just as loud.

My coworkers were complaining about my Kinesis I have at the office, and I’m quite sure they won’t appreciate this new keyboard.

Anyway, my question to those that ordered the quieter model, how does it compare to other mechanical keyboards or should I assume a mix up in the ordering? Thanks for any help.

I am pretty sure that there was a mixup…my quiet keyboard is quite quiet and this post seems to indicate that there should be a very noticeable difference.

Yeah, must be a mix up because both sounds like the second in that video.

I think is the address to contact then…

Quiet keyboards are "MODEL 01-Q"
Loud keyboards are “MODEL 01-L”

(And yes, Howard contacted us and we’re working it out.)

Well, Jesse quickly took care of my mistake, so I’m all good.

By the way, good naming convention. :wink: