Model 100 is very loud now

I have been loving the model 100 I got with silent linears but recently but some kailh speed coppers on my atreus and loved the tactile. I had already put some novelkeys olivia linears on my model 100 and thought they were nice and prefer not to use silents but the maple case is NOT a quiet one. It was still ok. I had never used tactile switches before so I ordered some moondrop x g-square tactile tessence for my 100 to update the feel to my new preference. It doesn’t sound good. I tape modded the PCBs. I put foam under it. I’m considering doing a silicone pour into the plastic sections or the base plate. The sound is so tacky and clacky. It feels like I’m striking the walnut with mallets. So many good reviews of these switches, I feel like I must be doing something wrong.

Yes, I also think the model100 should have better dampening. I use Kailh silent linear. They don’t emit noise. But the keyboard seems to be a huge resonant body (is this the correct English term?).

I have no experience with modifying keyboards to quiet them down. Therefore I don’t know how I can change that situation.

I hope keyboardio will address that problem in a hypothetical future revision of that keyboard.

I think the sound it makes is quite pleasant, but I’d still prefer a keyboard to make as little noise as possible - completely silent would be great. I experimented a little with some sound-deadening material, but I think it’s a pretty complicated thing to get right.

I had the Kailh BOX Tactile Silent switches, and do sound more quiet than non-Silent switches. I replaced the Kailh’s with Gateron 2.0 Pro Browns that had lying around and it is more loud then the silent ones. But I don’t mind. I would prefer some more quiet switches, but they need to be as smooth as Cherry MX Browns.

Suggestions are welcome. Until then, I think I stick with Gaterons because of the smoothness. The Kailh’s are but too ‘heavy’ for me to push with my fingers. After a few hours there is too much strain on my fingers. It’s the bump. But I’m getting off topic. I do think the Model 100 makes a bit more noise than regular mech. keyboards. But, the sound is not as shallow as some of the aluminum premium ones, like IQUNIX, or the plasticky Keychron’s. It sounds like . . . wood.

I use lubed Prevail Epsilon switches on my model 100, i also swapped the springs out for 30g ones

i think it sounds a lot deeper out of the box than most aluminium or plastic boards, although i do admit that it’s comparatively louder than most boards.

I’m planning on trying some additional mods to dampen it slightly while also potentially deepening the sound profile, haha ill update on how that goes