Sound dampening the Model 100

Did anyone tried die sound dampening the Model 100 even more?

Currently got the standard issue Silent Box switches in it. I want to switch those for even more silent or quieter tactile switches with around 50-55 grams.

But I need the Model 100 to be more quiet. I haven’t got the experience to customize a keyboard myself. I don’t even know if it’s possible with the Model 100.

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Depends a bit on what you think is too loud. If it is the „bottom down“ hitting, rubber O-rings might help.

I think it’s hollow wooden casing. I’ve fitted the same Kailh Silent switches on the Atreus and there it’s really silent.

Perhaps I could open the Model 100 and add some padding/foam in the casing?

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Yes, this is nothing to do with switches or o-rings, it’s the resonance of the case.

I did some half-hearted experimentation early on, then decided it was a bit hard. To do it properly you’d probably have to do a bit of disassembly as the spaces you would need to dampen aren’t easily accessible just by removing the back.

It would be great if this could be considered for future boards, but we’re swimming against the stream here. Most keyboard-heads seem to want clicky and noisy. I want things to make absolutely the minimum noise required as we already live in a far too noisy world.