Model 100: What switches do you use?

What switches do you use in your Model 100? Since it arrived I have been using the BOX Silent Ocean Islet (tactile) switches. On a regular keyboard I think they give enough resistance to type comfortable. Just like clicky switches, I can bash on the keys. But on the Model 100, it felt my fingers need to apply more pressure then I want to.

So, today I took out the BOX Silent Ocean Islet (tactile) switches and replaced them for a set of Gateron Pro 2.0 Red (linear) switches. I’m not a fan of linear switches on a regular keyboard. Way too smooth for me to handle. But, on the Model 100 they feel so much better. Typing is so much nicer, softer if you will, and put less strain on my fingers. I’m not sure if I will keep then in, but so far so good.

On a regular keyboard however I do prefer a set of brown or clicky blue switches.

I’m a tactile fan since day one of my conscious mechanical keyboard adventures, not even willing to consider anything else. So when it came to choosing a switch for my Model100, I looked at a few tactile switches: Zealio v2 65g , Glorious Panda , Durock T1 , Hako True , Gazzew Boba U4 , and Gazzew Boba U4T.

The goal was to find something that is silent, has a long tactile bump, and very little pre- or post-travel. I was not interested in switches with a tactility so strong that it can beat me up for lunch money (to quote the great ThereminGoat). I was looking at something with nice, long, mid-range tactile bump. The Boba U4 got me that, the others I tried did not, so I now have a set of U4s in my keyboard, and I love them so much I even wrote a little promotional story for them.

I have two Model100 - one for home, where I installed Kailh Copper Clicky switches. But those are not very tactile. So I will probably switch them soon (maybe the kailh clicky white)

For the office I kept the box silent brown. And I am ok with those although they could be more tactile (thanks for the hint @algernon - will have a look).

My Model 100 uses BOX Silent Ocean Tactile. I actually like these quite a bit. I didn’t want something super tactile and loud, just enough to register a difference compared to completely linear switches. These certainly do the job and they feel better than Cherry MX Brown.

My wife’s Model 100 has BOX White on them. I find the BOX White to be a bit too heavy on the Model 100. Personally I’m never a fan of clicky switches and BOX White certainly don’t convert me. However I do find them to be significantly nicer than your run-of-the-mill Cherry MX Blue, both in terms of sound and feel.

Two model 100s here too, one with Gazzew Boba U4 (replacing the speed copper ones, which I thought I’d like, but ended up not liking that much), the other with the box silent from factory. The one that goes to work is a Model 01 silent.

My suggestion: find a switch you like and stick with it. I can see myself customizing it to death. -)

I can’t stand anything but loud clicky switches. That’s the fun part. The click is so satisfying and it’s disappointing when it’s not there.

I have two Model 01s, one loud and one quiet, and I never used the quiet one. It’s just no fun.

I’m really happy with the clicky ones that came with my new Model 100.


I have box whites. they’re FAR quieter than the blue switches in my other keyboard.

linear enjoyer here, i use Prevail Epsilon which i modded by swapping out the 65g springs for 30g springs

haha its like typing on a cloud

Today I switched out the Kailh Ocean Silent Box Switches for Cherry MX Brown, but didn’t like the sound. In an IQUNIX they sound amazing, but in the Model 100 Cherry MX Browns are just too loud for my tasting.

The amount of force needed for Cherry MX Browns is quite good… again, in the IQUNIX F97. But after using the Model 100 with the Silent Box Browns switches for some time now, the force needed to press those keys and tactile bump are something I got used to now.

Also, the MX switches are too wobbly with the custom sculpted keycaps of the Model 100. IMO the Model 100 really needs to those stable switches.

So, back to Silent Box switches.