Model 100 Impressions


Just got my Model 100 Early Delivery!

First impressions:

  • love the walnut
  • love the feel of the Silent Box Browns
  • love the centering of the modifier key text
  • dislike the rename of fn to fun
  • don’t really care about homing changing from dots to bars

I have a few other switch sets but don’t plan to swap out the switches yet, nice that we are able to swap out the switches now though (and that two spares came in the box)!

Need to update the firmware and keymaps after work so I can actually type on it haha.

I’ll be taking the Model 100 to work and bringing home my Model 01. So excited to finally have a one at work and one at home (for wfh).

Full album: Keyboardio Model 100 Walnut Early Delivery - Album on Imgur

Anyone else got their Model 100 Early Delivery, how are you all finding them?


I’ve got mine today, but didn’t have much time to play with it yet. A few immediate observations:

  • The walnut frame is Gorgeous. I loved the maple on the Model01 dearly, but this outdoes it, and that’s quite a feat.
  • I loved that I could take my Model01 sketch, change the device from Model01 to Model100, compile, flash, and it just worked.
  • I loved the fact that I now have 90% free space, rather than 2%. I can fit Doom into that.
  • Don’t really mind the Fn->Fun change, I’ll eventually go with blank or translucent keycaps, once they’re available, I can live with some Fun until then.
  • The LEDs feel smoother than on the Model01. Not just animations (that’d be expected, upgrading from AVR to ARM), but the light feels nicer too. Maybe I’m just seeing pink, but… it’s pretty.
  • Not a fan of Silent Box Browns. First time I use them, and probably the last too. They are very silent indeed, but the tactile feel is rather weak. What I liked about Matias Quiet Click is that the tactility felt good. Luckily, with hotswap sockets, I can just order a set of switches of my choosing and can put them in.
  • Hotswappable switches.
  • The packaging was solid too, very nicely done.

I am really into the quietclick on the model 01 — do you have any ideas as to switches for the model 100 which would closely match the feel?