Deactivate double-tap Shift caps lock

Hi everyone. I often struggle with accidentally activating caps lock by hitting my sticky Shift key twice while typing on my Model 100. Other than that, I very much enjoy my Shift keys to be sticky.

I have no need for caps lock at all, but can’t seem to find a way to deactivate the double-tap shift → caps lock mapping in Chrysalis. Any ideas on how I could make that happen?

You can disable the double-tap sticky behaviour in Chrysalis if you’re running version 0.91.1-snapshot of the firmware, which includes the firmware-side parts of the feature. With that firmware, the Preferences / My Keyboard screen should show a “Sticky keys” block like this:

Setting “double tap behaviour” to “nothing” disables it, while the normal tap to sticky behaviour will remain.

This is a good reminder for me to release version 0.91.1 of the firmware soon, so you won’t have to use a snapshot version of it. To use the snapshot version of the firmware, you can either switch to a snapshot version of Chrysalis and enable automatic firmware updates, or you can manually download the firmware archive from here (firmware-files.tar.gz), extract it somewhere, and point Chrysalis to the Keyboardio/Model100/default.bin therein.

Thanks, I think I can wait until the new version is released, knowing that the fix is already in a snapshot. :slightly_smiling_face: