Experiencing a sticky left shift key

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a sticky modifier key (it is physically sticking a little bit), and how did you solve the problem (if you did)?

Is it possible to lubricate the switch with something?

Alternatively, I was thinking about replacing the key switch mechanisms with quiet linear switches from Mattias, and wondering if I might like them more anyway.

Kind regards from Canada

I have the exact same issue. In my case I believe it’s caused by friction between the keycap and the enclosure. (Maybe you can check by removing the keycap and pressing the switch stem directly a bunch of time, it it doesn’t stick then it’s not the switch).

I’ve try sanding the enclosure with some result but it’s still sticking some days so I probably need to remove more material. I’m suspecting that the wood is deforming and this is causing keycap to brush against the enclosure. I live in Sweden, so it might be something about northern climate that doesn’t suit the Model 1…

Actually the last bit after the tactile bump is the hardest to press going down, I think it is a switch problem.