Sticky switches?

I got my Model 100 with—takes a deep breath—Kailh BOX Ocean Whale Silent Linear switches on Thursday. I’m enjoying it a lot and noticing some definite improvements over the Model 01.

That said …

I’ve noticed my keys all tend to “stick” at the top. These are supposed to be linear switches, but it takes extra force to get them actually moving. I’ve compared them against a number of other switches (beamsprings, buckling springs [both Model M and Model F], BOX Reds, and a few others), and this is the only keyboard exhibiting the phenomenon. (Okay, the reds have it, but it’s far less pronounced; I didn’t even notice it until specifically looking for it.)

I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this? More importantly, is there anything that can be done? I’ve heard some people swear by lubing/greasing switches, but I smell snake oil.

I have the same switches, but I can’t say I’ve noticed it. That said my experience of mechanical switches is extremely limited. I’ve also been experimenting with O-rings so that might make a difference.

Maybe the secret is lubing the switches with actual snake oil? :wink: