Model 01 Right Ctrl sticks after Ctrl-Shift

My right Ctrl key often ‘sticks’ on in a particular circumstance. It looks to me like the physical key is back up, but it looks to my computer like it is being held. It unsticks when I tap it again. I’m not running any plugins where that is expected behavior.


It’s a thumb key of course, and the circumstance that makes it stick is when I co-press it with its neighbor. To be exact, my right thumb row goes Alt-Ctrl-Shift-Space, and Ctrl-Shift often causes Ctrl to stick.

“Often” might mean anywhere from 15% to 50% of the time in daily use. I haven’t counted, can’t say more precisely than that, especially since I now usually just tap Ctrl after Ctrl-Shift as a matter of course.

I have not noticed this key sticking when pressed alone. I rarely co-press it with its other neighbor, but so far it has not stuck then either. Possibly the sticking has something to do with pressing it off-axis.

It can happen after many uses of Ctrl alone, but after 0-5 further uses of Ctrl-Shift it tends to stop happening for some indeterminate length of time.

I have the quiet click switches that were in use for mass production run 3.

I am not using any plugins like OneTap, Qukeys, etc., where sticky modifiers are an expected behavior. My firmware is a very slight variation of the default Model01 firmware after commit 03bee4b8 (2020-01-15). I switched to Dvorak, reordered the thumb keys for my small hands, and put tab on fn+bksp instead of delete because I tab so much.

This sounds more like a hardware problem than a software one to me. You could try updating the software with a current version of Kaleidoscope, of course, and that might fix the problem (lots of bugs have been fixed since January 2020), but I’m guessing you’re right about pressing the keyswitch off-axis.

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For the benefit of later searchers: Jesse things this is a bum keyswitch. He offered a free repair aside from shipping cost, or to send me a few keyswitches so I can get the bad one desoldered and replaced locally.

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