Duplicated version info when trying versionInfoMacro


I have started to customize my Model 01 and I have noticed that when I trigger the versionInfoMacro, the text is printed twice. The anyKeyMacro also prints more than one character everytime I press it. I thought it could be chattering but the test mode doesn’t detect any chatter on the ANY key. Have anybody else found the same problem?



If I map backspace to the ANY key, a single press only removes one key so… I guess it has to do with the keyXXX events. I would like to understand why it prints twice the string and/or how the key events work before writing my own macros… as I would not be happy with duplicated execution of more important macros :slight_smile:

Off the top of my head, the macros might need to be checking keyIsPressed(keyState). The function gets called multiple times (key down, key up), so you probably only want the action to fire on down.

This is the macro that is part of the default firmware and it’s not using keyIsPressed; iirc, keyIsPressed would trigger events for as long as the key is pressed. If I press the ANY key and left it pressed, I only get the message twice.

@algernon, do you think this might be the same problem that @james mentioned with Qukeys & OneShot? (i.e. new API backcompat)

I have tested the default firmware too, using arduino 1.8.5 and 1.6.13, and I get the same “error”.

No clue yet, will be looking into it ~tomorrow.

FYI, I finally tracked this down, see here for the explanation, and two ways to fix the issue locally until a proper fix is merged.