Dvorak + SizeUp/Spectacle: OSX auto-changes keybindings...?


I’m on a Mac, typing Dvorak, and using SizeUp for moving/rearranging windows with the keyboard. Pre-keyboardio, I’ve been using combos like Ctrl+Cmd+s for window-left-half-of-screen, Ctrl+Cmd+h for window-right-half-of-screen. This is nice, because it’s all controlled by letter keys under my right hand.

I’ve been breaking in my keyboardio, and I got really confused why all that wouldn’t work, until I noticed that, when I switch my Mac’s software layout from Dvorak to QWERTY (because keyboardio recommends running Dvorak on-board, which makes sense), the Mac “helpfully” auto-remaps my SizeUp keybindings, to translate them into QWERTY: the Ctrl+Cmd+s and …+h become +j and +semicolon, respectively. This is not good for me.

I installed Spectacle, thinking it’s a bug(-ish) with SizeUp, but the same thing happens there, so I’m thinking it’s something in Mac.

Anyone heard of this? Anyone else in this situation with suggestions?

Puzzling it out…