ESC key not recognised by games

I have an Atreus, with the Esc key mapped using Chrysalis exactly as it was when it came out of the box. I’m on a Windows machine using a UK Keyboard layout.

The Esc key seems to work fine in Windows, but isn’t recognised at all in games (I have several that do the same thing - GTA V, Epistory, Fortnite). I have no idea what could be different, since I didn’t think that Esc was a key that was different between regional layouts or anything! The key just does nothing at all - as though it weren’t bound to anything.

I haven’t found any other keys that have this problem, and in most games I’m able to use P to pause and bring up the menu, but for a few of them I’m having to plug in another keyboard just to be able to press Esc!

Any ideas?

Have you tried to add some Esc key elsewhere on the keyboard ? (Dumb idea, but who knows ?)

(Not a dumb idea at all, grateful for any ideas!)

Yeah, I actually started with it mapped on a different layer, and ended up moving it back to the original layer to try and rule that out. :slightly_frowning_face: