Finger positions for Atreus?


I’m wondering if anyone has suggested finger positions per key for the atreus keyboard. I figure as long as I’m learning to type again, I should start on the right foot. Especially curious about that bottom row of keys. Are those all for my thumbs? Just some? What about the ` and \ keys?

As a random aside. I’ve been doing typing lessons to get accustomed to the new setup and I realized that I learned the “u” and “r” keys wrong. I get those with my middle finger. I also odly type “b” with my right hand. Weird, never would have noticed otherwise.

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I usually use my hands…

You can do it however works for you, but I think of the outer four in the bottom row on each side as going with the four fingers used for the rest of the keys in that column, the thumb for the inner two on each side, and the ` and \ keys are with the index finger.

The thumb could actually work for the inner three in the bottom row, also.


Thanks for chiming in.

When I got my Model01 I also took that as an opportunity to learn a completely new keyboard layout, and touchtype. Managed to achieve that in about a month after starting with two typing games, ZType and Epistory. As you start getting better at it, you will eventually start getting ideas on how to move keys about until it makes sense for you. Part of the fun of these reprogrammable keyboards!

So I would say there is no strictly speaking, universal right layout. But one that will be right for you.

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Oh it’s a nice program indeed. ztype and Epistory don’t do targeted letters so I always felt I had some weaknesses that were not satisfactorily addressed. But it’s a real confidence boost to see that my WPM is actually around 67(?!?!?) after about 20 minutes of typing on it.

Had no idea I am already at professional typist level!