Firmware Update errored and now LEDs don't work

Tried to update to the new Model 100 firmware today. It would not auto update so I got into the keyboard directly and asked it to update. It errored twice after the “green LEDs, release the PROG button”, and now the LEDs are not working at all. I have unplugged and replugged the keyboard in. Help?

Update: Finally managed to copy the error that pops up in a red box at the bottom of Crysalis:

Error during update: Error: sha512 checksum mismatch, expected 8eqU1ytk1L0lQcsjaa0eLom3ci2VEgdHRfqdYi3nXFj7UD0sSdvgaVqbNddqXoPQfSQHDWnN3C5fAvK07XhmTg==, got Skw28NoMtmr5rEftlvTFYNoYSffphHlGnv/DNLy1P7wmxym/s8V43FeWHRs2OowsyxoJpuLdhv9RZQlY1IWj/w==

Hi there;

This page might come in useful; just scroll to the factory reset part and factory reset it back to a known good configuration. Hope that it works.

So, I was able to get it fixed, but not 100% sure how/why. Just resetting the firmware would give me the error message firmware unable to be flashed. Followed a suggestion on Discord that was unplug the keyboard and plug it back in while holding down PROG. That also gave an “unable to update firmware” error. The solution was to unplug the keyboard from my KVM, add a USB C dongle to the USB-A end of the cable, plug it into my laptop directly and even though it said the forced firmware update failed, when I connected, I could clearly see the layout was back to factory default. (My left thumb keys are set to alt, shift, ctrl, backspace, in that order with my “custom” layout). Hitting the LED button FINALLY turned the LEDs back on and I was able to load my old layout.

I had a similar experience. I unplugged and reconnected while holding the PROGbutton pressed… and all the leds were gone.
But I got all my lighting back after setting the ‘Default led mode’ to 14.
Unfortunately loading saved layouts does not help whith some settings in the preferences. Dynamic Macros does not seem to be saved when using the ‘Backup & Restore’-function either.

But going to:
menu / preferences / my keyboard
LEDs / Default led mode

and setting ‘Default led mode’ back to ‘14’ did the trick for me.