Firmware Update errored and now LEDs don't work

Tried to update to the new Model 100 firmware today. It would not auto update so I got into the keyboard directly and asked it to update. It errored twice after the “green LEDs, release the PROG button”, and now the LEDs are not working at all. I have unplugged and replugged the keyboard in. Help?

Update: Finally managed to copy the error that pops up in a red box at the bottom of Crysalis:

Error during update: Error: sha512 checksum mismatch, expected 8eqU1ytk1L0lQcsjaa0eLom3ci2VEgdHRfqdYi3nXFj7UD0sSdvgaVqbNddqXoPQfSQHDWnN3C5fAvK07XhmTg==, got Skw28NoMtmr5rEftlvTFYNoYSffphHlGnv/DNLy1P7wmxym/s8V43FeWHRs2OowsyxoJpuLdhv9RZQlY1IWj/w==