[FOR SALE] Model 01, 3rd owner. Great condition $100 + S&H from Utah

Hi there!
I’ve got a Model 01 that I bought from another user a while ago. It works, and it has all of its parts, and it’s in good condition other than a non-serious crack in the wood case on one of the sides. I used it for a long time, but it’s got some of the recurring key repeat issues that a lot of the first run model 01s had, and I got tired of putting alcohol in the switches to clean them out. Now I’m moving and have to thin down the keyboard collection. I’m asking $100 + S&H to wherever you are from Utah. It’ll be sent in the original packaging with the associated parts.

It’ll probably have my custom keymap on it. You’ll need to flash the latest firmware is all to reset. It’s all packed up and ready to ship. Let me know if you want it!

Damn what a great deal! What’s your custom keymap?

Oh no! I had it on Chrysalis, but since I don’t have it hooked up right now it won’t show the layout. It’s a lot like my Ergodox layout, though:
(Screenshots of the layout in the following links)

Happy to take this off your hands. Please send over total for shipping to zip 27601.


Hi, Chase! There are a few previously interested buyers. If they don’t end up taking it I can let you know!

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Sold! Thanks, everyone!

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