For Sale: Model 01 from Berlin EU

Item: Model 01
Price: 160€ + Shipping
Condtion: Excellent condition, lightly used
Location: Berlin, Germany

I am unfortunately missing one of the screws for the mount :disappointed: Should be easy to find though if you need it.

This is the quiet click version btw.

Hi Vincent,
is it still available?

Hi Vincent,
Is this still available?

Yes, this is still available.

Hey, since there was no update if it is sold. Is it still available?

Yes, still available :slight_smile:

I would be interested. What would be the details?

I am also living in Berlin which should simplify things.


would you ship to Austria? I am very interested.


Yes I can ship it to Austria. Shipping would be 12,99€

Hi. I’m in France and I’m interested. Is it still available ?

Where are you in France ? I may have one for you.

I live in Paris (and I must type at least 20 characters)

Still available. Shipping to France is 14€.

Hi there, is it still available? If so, is it still the same price to ship to France? Thanks!

Yes it’s still available and yes shipping is still the same price :slight_smile:

Sorry, someone was quicker than you. Thanks anyway.

All good :slight_smile: It just sold!