[For Sale] Model 01 MP2 Keyboard (NYC) - Like New - $275 + Shipping

Item : Model 01, MP2 production, shipped Feb 6, 2018
Price : $275 + shipping. (if you’re in NYC, happy to meet up as well to save on shipping cost)
Condition : Opened, used only a few times. LIKE NEW
Location : NYC
Contact : Email me at: jeffnovich at gmail.com

I was an original backer on kickstarter way back in … July 2015? I wanted a mechanical, ergonomic keyboard and there were basically none on the market so I backed it for $300. I think it’s a cool keyboard. I dig the colors, the “any” key, and I really do think the placement, once learned, can make you much more efficient.

I have done a partial key swap of my keyboard - swapping 5 keys for a total change of 10 keys that are different than a qwerty, making me more efficient and annoying all of my coworkers attempting to use my keyboard. I did this 10 years ago (http://mkweb.bcgsc.ca/carpalx/ 9) so I’m no stranger to learning a new layout. But I just don’t have the energy to learn the placement of the function keys at this point. I’ve got kids now, and no longer have a home office… because, kids! So rather than have this thing collect dust, my wife says I should sell it.