Sold: Model 01 MP1 (#179) Quiet Switches - Central Illinois (USA)

Item for Sale: Model 01-Q, MP1, #000179.

Cost: $300 plus actual shipping and insurance costs, unless you can pick it up. I am not responsible for lost/damaged packages if you don’t opt for insurance.

Condition: Like New

Location: Champaign-Urbana, Illinois (USA)

Keyboard is in like-new condition. No flaws in form or function.

It’s amazing, but I have very small hands, and straining to reach the keys was too uncomfortable. Keyboard was used for less than an hour total. I did try swapping the layout to see if it helped, but it didn’t.*

Buyer will also receive a second set of unpainted/clear keycaps (still waiting on shipping from I chose that option because I figured they’d have the best longevity (no worries about paint wear).

Comes complete with all parts, accessories and packing materials except the original outer cardboard box (RIP box, you fought well against my cat). Has been kept in a climate-controlled, smoke-free home.

*I swapped 2 left thumb cluster keys (swapped [Shift] and [CMD]), and the right function/palm button is now [Enter].

Since it’s been about a month, have you changed your mind about the price?