FOR SALE: Model 01, first shipment (July 22, 2017 vintage)

As much as I hate to admit defeat and as much as I love the idea of this wonderful keyboard, I’m afraid that, at age 72, I no longer spend enough hours at any keyboard to learn this whole new layout. It would be different if I was still coding every day (and night) but those days are long gone. So, if you’re looking for a near-virgin Model 01, it’s here, waiting for you!

Since it’s nearly unused, I’d like to break even; how about $300 and you pay to ship however fast you want it from Bellevue, WA. (No international, please.)

As I said, it’s complete, mint, original packaging, all parts included.

My weakness is your gain.

Al Lowe (al at allowe dot com)

Wow, Al Lowe. Much to my mother’s chagrin, I was a huge fan of your games growing up! They are likely no small part of why I became a programmer. It’s cool to see you on the forums here!

Good luck selling!


Same for me. Most of my English I learned playing Larry I :lizard: on an EGA PC at age 11. I really miss these days.


Ben Gemperline: Please DM me. My emails back to you here keep bouncing.


Thanks. I’m sorry to learn that I ruined your life. Say HI to you mom from me!

Oh, yeah: Ben napped my keyboard right away.


Age 11?!?! When do you get out of prison?

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Different rules in germany. Sex is ok, why violence is not. No guns and driving cars above 18. Besides, there were these pulsating censored-bars anyway, so we were well protected :smile:

Yep, keyboard is safely in my hands! Thanks, Al!

Edit: incidentally, that actually means I’ve now got three of these things. :grinning: