[For Sale] Model 01-Q, Atreus [US-CA-LAX]

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If you’re a r/mechmarket user, you can also see my post here!

Location: West Los Angeles, CA - local pickup available

All are fully functional! Just doing some early spring cleaning. If you send me a ZIP I can send you a shipping quote.

SOLD Keyboardio Model 100 - $250 + shipping

Walnut finish, BOX Silent Pink (linear) switches, QWERTY and Linear A keycaps

Some shine on enclosure and keys – I’ve tried to highlight in photos. Small finish irregularity. QWERTY keycaps are unused. Includes case, rails, stands, cables, switch puller, extra switches, and screwdriver!

Keyboardio Model 01 - $125 + shipping

Quiet Click switches, QWERTY and Linear A keycaps

Used, more wear on QWERTY than on Linear A – see photos. Includes cables, rail, stands, reference card, and screwdriver!

Shipping estimate (to NYC): $12.79

Keyboardio Atreus - $120 + shipping

BOX Brown (quiet tactile) switches, blank keycaps

Lightly used, includes case, cable, reference card, key labels, spare keycaps, and keycap puller.

Shipping estimate (to NYC): $9.21

I will buy your model 100. I am in north CA.

It’s still available! I’ll send you a message.