For sale: Model 01 QC - NYC - $330

(Nathan Burgess) #1

Item: Model 01 quiet click
Price: $330
Condtion: Brand new
Location: NYC

I have a brand new Model 01 for sale. I took it out of the box and hooked it up once and immediately hated it. It’s been in it’s box since 30 seconds after I received it.

(Junseok Lee) #2

Do you know which production run yours was from? Does the $330 include shipping to California?

(Nathan Burgess) #3

I’m not sure, how would I even find that out? And yes, the price will include shipping within the US.

(Gergely Nagy) #4

You can look at the serial number, that’ll tell a lot. Or if you say when it shipped, we can figure out the run from that too, most likely.

(Nathan Burgess) #5

I got the shipping email on Feb 13.

(Jesse) #6

The unit is from MP3.


I am interested if this hasn’t sold yet, but just joined and am apparently unable to private message.

(pcurry) #8

I live in NYC and I like my QC keyboard, though I admit I am still getting used to it. I can take yours off your hands for cash in hand if you would like.

(Zian Choy) #9

Is the price negotiable? It looks like you’re charging more than the manufacturer.