Free: Model 01 octopus stand, joiny bits, and ethernet

Item: Model 01 octopus stand, joiny bits, and ethernet
Price: $0
Condtion: like new
Location: 98056 USA

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:

I’m getting rid of stuff I don’t use / need. I’ll ship this stuff to anyone that wants it, if they cover shipping.

Interested! How much to Toronto Canada? L7L7M5


Here are the different options from USPS:

Looks like the cheapest is $17.25 for “First-Class Package International Service”

Cool, will DM. I will actually be in the States next week, but am chicken about missing the package!

GAH chickening out anyways - I think I will actually buy a second keyboard. So sorry for flip flopping!!!

No problem! I’ve considered that it might be good to keep the stuff incase I ever want to sell mine. Seems pretty unlikely at the moment :slight_smile:

+1 for two Keyboardio’s from the GTA