Games and their layouts

Currently, I play pubg (player unknown battlegrounds), its a 3rd person battle royale. Other games I’ve played:

The Division (not any more)
aoe/aom - age of empires/mythology
Dirt 3, Grid, etc.
Mortal Kombat
Injustice Gods among Us

so basically shooters (not fps/fpp), rts (real time strategy), racing, 2d/3d fighting.

I don’t see needing a layout for racing/fighting games as I will probably continue to use my x360 controller for those games, but rts, shooters, etc.

Most games allow me to remap keys so I may or may not need/create a gaming config/layer.

What games do you play?

With keyboard & mouse: Diablo3, Epistory, Thimbleweed Park lately. I have almost a thousand games on my Steam account, and a couple more on GoG and Humblebundle. Not sure I’ll ever get around to playing all of them.

haha. I have 53 games on steam, I play all of 6 of them…

I’ve been playing Overwatch a whole lot. A bit of PUBG, Half Life, Epistory, Stardew Valley, etc. Want to get through my Steam library eventually so trying not to buy new games until I’ve gone through my old ones.

I am not much of a gamer, but the last game I played was

You can play it for some hours, then it is done. Just like in the old days. No risk to get addicted and stuck behind the screen, ending up missing the things that really matter, such as … fiddeling with mechanical keyboards and coding :upside_down_face:


What in the world?

That library must be worth a fortune.

The main game I’ve been playing recently is Dota 2…I haven’t been brave enough to try playing with my Model 01 yet though.

I’m a pretty big gamer, especially with the pandemic. I play a lot of Satisfactory and Factorio, and I’m intermittenly really into pvp games like League of Legends and Starcraft 2.

I theoritically really like first person shooters, but in practice I’m way more into running and dodging than aiming and shooting.